Aquatic Experiences


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Our luxury day spa in Hawaii features aquatic experiences that take place in our lava enhanced salt water pool. Built amongst ancient lava tubes the unique pool harnesses the energy of the land. It features soothing skin temperature saltwater, underwater acoustics, tranquil lighting and a waterfall, making it the ideal luxury spa vacation getaway.


Watsu is a passive form of aquatic body work that supports and gently moves you through warm water in graceful, fluid movements. This relaxing, meditative treatment is designed to bring total tranquility to you as your therapist supports, stretches and massages you.


Expectant mothers will enjoy the sensation of weightlessness while releasing tension and aches related with pregnancy. A gentle massage is performed while floating. It provides support to the physical changes experienced during the prenatal period.


While gently floating, your therapist will relieve and restore your natural balance and well being. Pressure is applied to specific points on the feet to release blockage along energy meridians and stimulate circulation. This treatment will leave you deeply relaxed.